Do You Spend Money on Social Media?

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Many companies that I meet with are already paying someone (or a team) to manage social media for their businesses. When I tell them that social media is probably doing very little to drive traffic to their websites or customers to their businesses, they don’t believe me.

From experience, I have seen multiple businesses generate lots of new business from search and lots of new business from social media. But, when the same amount of effort/money is put into both social media and search engine optimization (SEO), SEO completely out performs social media 99% of the time.

Conductor, an enterprise level digital agency, recently analyzed inbound traffic from one year of 30 websites, across six industries, and with more than 310 million site visits. They found that almost half of all the traffic came from organic searches, and social media only accounted for 2%.

organic search traffic drives half of all website visits

I guess the proof is in the pudding. You have to analyze your own site traffic and opportunities that you may be missing. Here is the data from each industry:

website visitors distribute by industry

I still think social media is incredibly important, but want to show you why SEO is far more superior. That’s all. :)

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