Aardvark Safaris

aardvark african safari

The Project

Aardvark Safaris is a unique travel company that specializes in tailor-made African safaris and holidays.  We started working with them to improve their search presences and bring in more leads, soon there after we took over website design and development.

Moving forward we have worked on improving the sites user experience, built new features, and made the site mobile friendly.  Along with helping manage the site we have been growing Aardvark’s social presence, developing content, running campaigns, promoting charities, building relationships, and driving in new business.

Custom Filter For Trips

Below is an image of the custom filter we built so site visitors can quickly sort through all the African safari trip ideas that Aardvark offers as a starting point for customers.  The filter helps users and provides Aardvark with great data that we use to understand their prospectives clients.

joshuaAardvark Safaris